MathiasHeise(Denmark) TheG-48 is the best chromatic harmonica I've come across so far.

InstrumentOf Choice: G48 ChromaticHarmonica

Mathias Heise is one of the world’s leading jazz harmonica players. He was born in 1993 in Rødovre, just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. He started playing harmonica at the age of seven, and a few years later he also took up piano and keyboards. He attended the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, being the first student with the harmonica as his main instrument. Mathias won numerous competitions such as: the 2013 Chromatic Harmonica World Championship, The Danish Crown Prince Couple’s prestigious Stardust Award, the Ben Webster Prize and many more.

The Danish Arts Foundation writes about him:
“Young Mathias Heise may be described as something of a comet in the Danish jazz sky. It is nothing short of impressive that a musician of his age makes an album with a big band having written and arranged the music himself as well as performing as an outstanding soloist. His album “The Beast” stands out as one of the most significant jazz albums of the year.”

Mathias Heise about Suzuki harmonicas:

The Suzuki G48 is the best harmonica I've come across so far. It has a beautiful full-bodied sound and a great dynamic range. It responds well both to soft and hard playing. Since my style of playing is quite forceful, I found the wood-model to be the perfect match. It makes the tones darker and less piercing while keeping the core-power intact.