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Performance by SUB30

*Demo 1 by SUB 30 in C key.

It is a sample sound that played the same phrase (C, D, E, F, G, F, E, D, C) with 12 keys using SUB30.
Stable pitch control is also possible with SUB30, which have been difficult with the conventional diatonic harmonica!

*Demo 2 by SUB 30 in C key.

Dem. performance by harmonica player Maki Yamaguchi.
Mr. Yamaguchi's original song that the theme chromatic scale phrase moving parallel is fun! Jazzy approach to blues is where SUB30 is good!

*Demo 3 by SUB 30 in C key.

Playing an Arabic style phrase. The point is notes(bend on hall 6 blow, bend on hall 7 draw and bend on hall 8 draw) which are characteristic of SUB30 is used, and is the place where the smooth bend further boosts the "ethnic atmosphere".

Easy to play chromatic scale

For flowing Jazz Lick,

For melody like singing too.

By SUB30, the chromatic scale can be played with bend.

By SUB30, chromatic scale can be played with bend.

Normal 10 Holes harmonica uses a special style of techniques other than bending while playing chromatic scale. However, with this SUB30, those techniques can be played in the same manner as normal bending with feeling. In other words, phrases that were given up to play until now will become easy. And because of bending style, it makes it easier to approach with accurate pitch and clear tone, and it can also be possible to play melodies like singing. The same phrases going up and down in a chromatic scale, SUB30 is a creative harmonica that brings out sense of fun, playful mind and creativity to your performance, along with its effective performance.

Simple and versatile

One of the big attractiveness of 10 hole harmonica is that it covers three octaves of pitch in the small body. And this instrument has a performance technique that lowers pitch from ordinary pitch born by trial and error of many players. This is a technique called "bend". With this technique, for example, sounds such as F and A which are not exsisted in low pitch and some chromatic scales can be played. However, even with this technique, there are pitches that is difficult for standard 10holes to make. (Blank part of table below)

These are the pitches that can be pronounced by the most special technique in a traditional 10 hole, and it is also the pitches that high degree of difficulty of stable performance. The SUB30 makes it possible to realize the pitches by bend with setting ten special reeds on this scale. This allows for stable pitch and long tones, making it easier to play phrases which were given up before. And SUB 30 realizes this mechanism with the same size as normal 10 holes. SUB 30 will be familiar to players such as experienced 10hole players as well as players starting from now, enabling a variety of expressions with simple playing.

*Below is scale chart view showing standard blow/breath and bend technique. 

 Blow/Breath  Bend blow  Bend breath


Secret of additional 10pcs of reeds

There are total 20pcs of reeds on standard 10-hole harmonica, having two reeds each for blow and breath in one hole. In addition to that, SUB 30 is equipped with another reed dedicated to bend. A total of 30 reeds are equipped. Though sound "C #" between "C" and "D" (KEY: C, in case of No. 4 hole) can be played, sound of "B" can not be made by bending "C". To bend the sound of "C", reed for a lower pitch is required. That is SUB 30's third lead ★. This reed is tuned to a lower pitch than the lower sound of one hole. With this reeds, it is possible to play the all chromatic scale by bend style.

Same size as 10-hole harmonica

To realize this size, design the main parts from scratch. In the standard 10hole, the number of reeds on the upper plate is 10, but twenty reeds are placed there. Body is also designed exclusively, the blow hole is the same size as usual and the inside space is wider, it is designed exclusively for 3 reeds. By combining practicality and functionality, we succeeded in further expanding the creativity of players. Although having an effective function, the fact that we could achieve the same size as 10holes, it should be a great merit in terms of introducing SUB 30 smoothly to conventional 10-hole players.


Range 10-holes 20notes
Material Brass + Chrome plating cover, ABS body
Key A,C,D
Dimension 104x30x22mm
Weight 70g
Accessory ABS case


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Notation chart

Notation chart