SSCH-56 Slide type chord harmonica

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New concept of Chord Harmonica

SSCH-56 is a new chord harmonica which made it possible to play 48 kinds of chords with compactness  by using slide type. Becoming compact, making musical expressions wider, you can quickly switch playing from chord to chrod and do hand vibrato.

Performance by SSCH-56

When the Saints Go Marching *Melody by Suzuki Chromatic and bass line by SSCH-56.

Second line style rhythm blues *Melody by Manji Low F and bass line by SSCH-56.

I Got Rhythm *Melody by Suzuki Chromatic(Sirius S-64C) and bass line by SSCH-56.

Chord placement that can efficiently play 48 kinds of chord.

Slide type is a method of switching sounds by pressing the slide lever. This method is adapted for chord harmonica this time. If you blow/breath three or four holes at the same time, an arbitrary chord sounds, even with the same three holes 1.when blowing, 2.when breathing, 3.when blowing by pressing slide lever, 4.When breathing with the slide lever pressed, four kinds of different chords are sounded. By making slide type, it became compact and the performance merit of quickly moving from chord to chrod was born.

Scale arrangement table · Chord arrangement table · Chord arrangement table for for each chord pattern are seen here.>> Table

Possible to challenge various parts.

In the ensemble, you may change the part of ensemble depending on the songs, but the compact SSCH-56 allows easy changeover, so you can change part smoothly without break between songs. When the solo part is over, next chord backing etc, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of playing various parts among songs with many chord changes.

Expanding musical expressions by performance style and miking.

Utilizing its compactness, hand vibrato style etc. which could not be done with conventional chrod harmonica become possible. The timbre of the whole chrod can be changed dynamically, and new music expression can be made. Also since conventional chord harmonica is long sideways, though a dedicated microphone is suitable for collecting sound well in balance, since SSCH-56 is compact, sound collection is possible even if dedicated microphone is not used. Therefore, pioneering various effects by miking is possible. Depending on the idea the range of musical expressions grows and wider.

Position mark feeling with lip.

There are concave position marks on mouthpiece at regular intervals. You can grasp the chord tone (major / seventh / diminished / minor / augment) depending on where on the lip you feel this depression. For example, since the dent feeling on lips while playing major chord is always the same position, it is possible to change chord without having to check the hole position with eye. In addition, silver plating is applied to the mouthpiece, promising smooth performance with good feeling on mouth.


Material Cover: Brass + Special plating 
Body: ABS 
Mouthpieace: Brass + Silver plating
Chord 5 chord pattern 12keys
Measure 177×45×31mm
Weight 265g
Accessory ABS case


Filip Jers

The CHORD56 SSCH-56 will open many new doors for the passionate and curious harmonica player. It is completely groundbreaking in the world of harmonicas. With this instrument Suzuki Harmonicas show that they are truly a world leading harmonica developer. The instrument features all major, minor, augumented and diminished chords, inside a 14 hole chromatic harmonica. Incredible! The possibilities are endless, chord playing has never been so accessible and portable.

A Swedish born harmonica player and a musician. Having capability to win the Gold Prize at the 2005 Harmonica contest in Germany. Performance genres is various ranging from jazz to Swedish folk songs.

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