Bell Harmony Desk type(Basic notes) - MBD-8

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Desk type bell

One octave basic 8 notes set which is at the center of bell harmony desk type all range two octaves.

This is a bell that you place on a desk and hit the cap to play. Various performances are possible by devising the placement, and it will be easy to incorporate movement and play elements. Also, you don't have to change bells, it makes it possible to play more notes by yourself and to take care of multiple instruments.

What is Bell Harmony ?

Easy to find notes by color.

The bell harmony is a set of bells that are color-coded for each sound. The relationship between bell color and sound is as shown in the image.

Basic tone is single color, derived notes is two tone

Basic tone is a single color of the bell and the color of handle and cap is yellow. Derived note is two tone bell color and the color of handle and cap is black.

Choose from two types: hand and desk type

There are two types of bell harmonies: a hand type for shaking and playing, and a desk type for putting and striking on a desk.

Expand the range

It is possible to expand the range to two-octave with 25 notes by adding other sets to the eight basic notes. The required number of notes and the range differ depending on whether it is used for playing sounds or for an ensemble. There is no waste because you can increase the range and number of sets according to how you use the bell harmony.


Range Basic 8 notes c2-c3
Material Stell, ABS
Dimension φ80×95mm
Weight 110g per note


Features of bell harmony(desk type)

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