The Omnichord will be re-produced to commemorate the 70th anniversary of our company.

In the 1980s, the electronic musical instrument 'Omnichord' gained tremendous popularity among gadget-loving music lovers for its quirky look and tone. We have been receiving requests to resurrect the Omnichord for a long time. And this year, 2023, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Suzuki Musical Instruments Manufacturing, we will reproduce the Omnichord! It is scheduled to be released around the fall of 2023. We will update the information on this page from time to time. *The photo is the old model OM-27.

*A photo above is older model, OM-27.

What is Omnichord

It was developed as an electronic musical instrument with an automatic accompaniment function (auto bass chord) equipped with a harp sensor. Anyone can easily play chords, including those who are new to musical instruments and those who are less adept with traditional  instruments. It is played using multiple chord buttons lined up in the centre and a touch sensitive strum plate on the right. Whilst pressing the chord buttons, tap the plate with your finger or slide up and down to play 4 octave sounds to effectively accompany a song. Not only is it easy to play, but its unique appearance and tone makes it a hidden favorite both in Japan and overseas for artists who want to try something different and for non-musicians who want to play music!

History of the Omnichord

Originally development started with a request from an overseas sales company to make an electronic musical instrument like an auto-harp. It started with the electronic musical instrument 'PC-27' and the first Omnichord 'OM-27' was born with improvements to the interface and functions. Since then, as technology has advanced, we have created numerous models through trial and error in adding more chords, timbres, and designs.


An electronic musical instrument that was the predecessor of the OM-27

[Strumplate] 4 octave tone/harp

[Chord] 45 chord

[Body color] Ivory


Released in 1981

[Strumplate] 4 octave tone / harp

[Chord] 27 chords

[Rhythm] Rock, Waltz, Slow Rock, Latin Foxtrot, Swing

[Body Color] Brown, Ivory, Red

OM-36 OM-84

1984 Simultaneous release of two models

[Strumplate] 4 octave tones / OM-36 (harp) OM-84 (harp x 2)

[Chord] 84 chords

[Rhythm] Rock 1, Rock 2, Disco, Latin, Country, March, Tango, Blues, Swing, Waltz

[Body color] OM-36 (beige) OM-84 (gray, ivory)

[Remarks] Only OM-84 is equipped with functions such as keyboard, transpose, and chord memory.

*The image is OM-84

OM-100 OM-200M

In 1989 2 models released simultaneously

[Strumplate] 4 octaves Tone/Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Jazz Organ, Flute, Organ, Chime, Brass, Vibe, Synth

[Chord] OM-100 (36 chords) OM-200M (84 chords)

[Rhythm] Rock 1, Rock 2, Disco, Blues, March, Country, Latin, Bossa Nova, Swing, Waltz [Body color] OM-100 (beige) OM-200M (gray)

[Remarks] OM-200M only has functions such as keyboard, transpose, MIDI OUT, and chord memory.

*The image is OM-200M

OM-150 OM-250M

In 1993 Simultaneous release of two models

[Strumplate] 4 octaves Tone / Omnichord, Guitar, Harp, Banjo, Strings, Piano, Organ,

Bossa Nova, Celesta, Marimba, Steel Drum, Bossa Nova

[Chord] 84 chords

[Rhythm] Rock 1, Rock 2, Rock 3, March, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Samba, Waltz

[Body color] OM-150 (beige) OM-250M (gray)

[Remarks] OM-250M only had functions such as keyboard, transpose, MIDI OUT, and chord memory.

*The image is OM-250M


Released in 1996

[Strumplate] 4 octaves Tones/Omnichord, Guitar Harp Banjo, Strings, Piano, Organ, Celesta, Marimba, Steel drum

[Chord] 84 chords

[Rhythm] Rock 1, Rock 2, Rock 3, March, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Bossa Nova, Samba, Waltz

[Body color] beige

Qchord QC-1

Released in 1999 Digital Song Card Guitar

[Strumplate] 4 octaves 100GM tone

[Chord] 36 soft touch buttons, 84 chords

[Rhythm] Bossa Nova Country, Dance, Jazz, New Age, March, Waltz, Ballad, Rock, Blues Shuffle, Bossa Nova

[Remarks] Song data can be played back with song and rhythm cartridges.

Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023! Reprinted Omnichord




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