Outfit Violin NS30-OF 4/4

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Recommended for beginners to middles. Although it is an authentic violin, it is reasonable price.

"Outfit Violin NS30-OF" comes with an authentic Violin NS30, Bow using Pernambuco wood which is considered as the best wood for the bow, Case VO-6 which is light and durable and Pirastro rosin.

Introductory grade (NS30)

A feature of the Suzuki violin is how beginners can continue playing the instrument for a long time without being disliked at the beginning of learning. Specifically, we are strongly particular about the following "easiness of tuning" and "easiness of sounding and playing".

1. Easiness of tuning (particular about peg and insertion part)
It is difficult for beginners to tune the strings suddenly, and the most stumble factor for the people who start musical instruments is the tuning. At our company, we carefully cut the peg insertion part while checking it many times to make it a beautiful circle. By doing so, you can smoothly rotate the pegs, and fine adjustment of the sound becomes possible. As for pegs, it is well received by parents and teachers who have started to learn children. It is generally common for introductory-grade products to be sold in the market that the peg insertion part is oval and the peg becomes crunchy(unsmooth) and making it difficult to rotate and making tuning very difficult. We also use a high-quality built-in 4-string adjuster, so these are also factors that make tuning easier.

2. Sounding and ease of sounding (arch shape, be particular about strings)
We think that children and beginners will feel good and be happy if they hear the clear sound when they first play the violin.We think that this impression when you first make a sound is quite important for continuing the instrument, and we are particular about the sounding even in the introductory grade. The shape of the arches on the top and back sides have been thoroughly studied, and it is designed so that no matter who plays it, it produces a clear sound as a stringed instrument.

We use domestically produced the steel strings originally developed by us as Suzuki originals. In the Japanese market, there are many orders for only this domestically produced steel string, and it is widely distributed as Suzuki original string.

3. Suzuki fractional sized violin
Fractional violins, which are often found in introductory grades, are specified by Suzuki's unique specifications and sizes, which differ from the global standard. Even children of the same age may grow differently, but any child can choose the one that fits their growth and physique.

Features of the content

Authentic Violin NS-30
Finishing method of oil varnish and careful hand-carving make you enjoy the beautiful sound. The tailpiece with 4 strings adjusters is used for easy tuning.

Using Pernambuco wood which is considered as the best wood for the bow.

Case VO-7
VO-7 which is light and durable.

Pirastro Rosin
The pine resin made in Germany which makes a rich and rounded tone. Good balance between hard and soft,
for orchestra players.


Violin NS30 Materials
Top Good quality Spruce
Back, Side, Neck Good quality Maple
Fingerboard, Peg Ebony
Tailpiece WITTNER tailpiece with 4 strings adjusters
Bow Stick (Pernambuco) / Frog (Ebony) / Fitting (Nickel silver)
Case VO-7 Details
Shape Oblong type
Core Material Formed resin
Weight 2 Kgs.
Accessories Blanket, Belt
Pirastro rosin Pine resin made in Germany


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