Company name Suzuki Corporation Japan(* Subsidary company of Suzuki Musical Instrument MFG.CO.,LTD)
Address Post code: 430-0852 2-25-7 Ryoke, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan
Tel no. +81 53-460-3781
Established In 1974

ABOUT SUZUKI Suzuki Musical INST.MFG was established in 1953 as a Harmonica manufacture, by our current chairman, Mr.Manji Suzuki. We focused on the educational market for many years, with the aim of making products easy to use for students. In addition, we wanted teachers to be able to use these instruments easily in teaching students.

Our production of musical instruments originated with the Harmonica, which surpassed over 13 million.We were the first to develop the Suzuki "Melodion" which we sold over 25 million world wide.

Commitment to in-house production "Trust" and "Responsibility"

Suzuki manufactures many of our products at our factory.

For instruments, the finish of each part affects the tone and quality. Among them, the reed instruments such as Melodion and Harmonica are the instruments that processing accuracy of parts directly linked to the ease of blowing and the goodness of response. In Suzuki, we produce all of the parts that require such processing precision in our own group and maintain high quality by conducting strict inspections. We are actively introducing advanced technologies and constantly striving to further improve quality. It is because we all believe that as a musical instrument the children meet for the first time, they must have a sound quality and quality that can be played with peace of mind at all times.

Our mission is to help children to become more fond of music by becoming familiar with the pleasures of musical instruments and the pleasures of their performances. As an educational instruments manufacture, Suzuki has a commitment to in-house production of musical instruments, because we believe in "trust" and "responsibility" for instruments first.