Svang.(Finland) Please see comments below.

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*Jouko Kyhala: Fabulous Chromatic F-64C,Diatonic F-20E, Chromatix SCX-48.
*Pasi Leino: SDB-39 & Mic. HMB-1.
*Eero Turkka: Faburous Diatonic F-20J, Chromatix SCX-48.
*Eero Grundstrom: Faburous Diatonic F-20E, Chromatix SCX-48

"Suzuki Fabulous blues harmonica responds beautifully to both smooth over bends and heavy bluesy playing.It over blows out of the box, and has proven to be reliable and durable in heavy professional use. My favorite blues harp nowadays." – Jouko Kyhala

" Suzuki bass harmonica is the best sounding bass harp I’ve ever played. It is a perfect match with Suzuki bass harmonica microphone. " – Pasi Leino

" Fabulous is like a lovely maiden responding to your feelings."
– EeroTurkka.

"For my role in SVANG Suzuki has high quality instruments I have not found elsewhere. Specially the Chromatic SCX-48 are my favorite instruments. " – Eero Grundstrom

"Usually four octave chromatics suffer either of weak bottom octave or shrieking top octave. Suzuki Fabulous four octave chromatic is the first long chromatic that I can really enjoy playing throughout the whole range of the instrument. It feels like a serious pro instrument in your hands." – Jouko Kyhala