Alex Rossi (Holland,Brazil) .

Instrument of Choice: G-48, G-48W, Sirius-64, Manji

Alex Rossi was born in 1974 in Blumenau, South of Brazil. He met the Harmonica in his childhood when passing the only harmonica factory of the Three Americas on his way to school and on the road which he followed to visit his grandmother. He often visited the factory to observe the birth of instruments … but no one seemed to be able to play it. So the young Alexandre had to wait untill he was 13 years old to put the lips on the cold metal of his very first harmonica.

The young musician developed his own technique by profiting by his basic musical knowledge he has from the practice of saxophone and percussion, technical information given at the factory and by his musical experiments.

From amateur bands to Jazz festivals (he shares the stage, with great musicians), Alex deepened his knowledge of musicality. At the age of 18, he played in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the age of 21, he played in Dallas, Texas, USA. This has been the starting point for Alex to become an accomplished professional musician.

During that time, the young man played with great names of the Blues circuit, for example Hash Brown, Smokin’Joe Kubeck, Holland K. Smith, Tutu Jones, Lucky Peterson, Texas Slim, and the legendaries Sam Meyers, Robert Ealey (Alex toured with him in Texas and Oklahoma), Curly “Barefoot” Miller and Magic Slim. He shared the stage of the Tulsas’s Blues Festival with Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Carey Bell and Roy Roger.

After visiting his family in Brazil, he remained blocked on border to the US as he tried to go back to Texas. He saw himself refused to enter the USA but this decision didn’t slow down the artist, he decided to go of the front.

As he established himself in his country of birth, his activity and creativity does not decrease in any way. Alex is a very busy musician as he is giving courses (sometimes to 40 students a week), recording in studio and performing on stage, e.g. touring in Argentina and Chile. During his tours in South America, he plays with musicians as David Honey, Boy Edwards, Phil Guy, John Primer, Jeff Healey, the harmonica player Billy Branch, the saxophonist Joshua Redman, etc.

Four times, he was invited as a regular stage musician on Phil Guy’s tours across South America.

In 2007, he recorded his first solo album ‘Let Me In’ with TopCat Record label from Texas and got established in Buenos Aires, Argentina … more gigs, more studio performances with many more musicians.

In 2008, he again packed his suitcase and headed to Europe, ending up in Antwerp, Belgium. He secured European distribution for his debut album with the Belgian label Blues Boulevard–Music Avenue. In 2010 he recorded and released a duet album on TopCat Records with guitarist Greg Wilson, titled ‘Acoustic’. In 2011 Alex’s released the Album ‘Sessions’ and is a compilation of various studio sessions with many top Brazilian blues artist friends, including Greg Wilson, Fernando Noronha and Solon Fishbone.

Recently played Chromatic Harmonica for the movie The Zig Zag Kid, that has Isabela Rosslini on the cast.

In 2013 Alex relised the album **Alex Rossi Quartet Plays Tom Jobim** with special Guests, Mauricio Einhorn and Ludovic Beier, among other great musicians.

In 2013 Alex Rossi move to Amsterdam and in 2016 Rossi plays and produce a album Tribute to the great Toots Thielemans, together with another best 5 harmonica players in the world.

​Recently release new album ** Something To Say** with the great guitar player Ozeias Rodrigues.

<Comments on Suzuki harmonica>
Suzuki harmonicas has the best sound, the best timber, they are the best harmonicas on the planet.

Following are from his last album "Something to say"

Track 01-Yardbird Suite ( using G-48)

Track 02 -Falando de Amor (G-48W)

Featuring S-48 B, Sirius 64 and Olive