Rega Dauna(INDONESIA) .

Instruments of Choice: Sirius S-56, Chromatix SCX-56

Rega Dauna, born and raised in Indonesia, has dedicated his life on becoming a musician since the age of eleven. Choosing harmonica as the main instrument since the beginning of his journey exploring music was one of the best decision, as he describe his emotional connection towards the instrument illustrating the melancholy yet beautifully subtle melodies made by it. His decision took him from playing with many great Indonesian Musicians alike Dewa Budjana, Indra Lesmana, Addie M.S, and many others, up to world wide known musicians such as the famous jazz bands Incognito and Citrus Sun.

The debut of his success was by winning 2nd place in Indonesia’s talent competition television program ‘Indonesia Mencari Bakat’ in 2014. Ever since, his name then heard by the ears of many Indonesian musicians then contributed in many albums or singles such working with Tompi, Tulus, Andien Aisyah, worldwide through Incognito’s single ‘Jakarta Dreams’ and so on the list goes. Furthermore invited to play in many music festivals in Indonesia, such like Java Jazz, playing in Poland alongside the Twilight Orchestra led by Addie M.S as the conductor, playing live together with Citrus Sun in Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club London and Blue Note Tokyo. As one of the peak of his journey, in April of 2019 Rega Dauna successfully released his first single ‘Nature’ as his own producer and composer working with other known Indonesian Jazz musicians.

Through all the great experiences of playing harmonica, Rega Dauna chooses to use Suzuki’s made harmonicas. During his early age of being eleven, he was given by his father Suzuki’s Magic Garden harmonica back in 2009 and ever since it has been his first choice of harmonica to play with. Up until the age of 22 Rega Dauna continues using Suzuki’s Harmonica, he elaborate it as “the mechanism of how it produces it’s sound is very delicate and comforting , perfect for ballad and such.” Making his first ever single in 2019 with his trusted Suzuki Scx-56 and s-56 Harmonicas, his legacy then continues as the first Indonesian Suzuki Harmonica endorser.