Filip Jers(Sweden) They are the best "out of the box" harmonicas I have ever tried.

InstrumentsOf Choice: M-20, MR-550, MR-500, MR-200, S-64C, G-48,G-48W, SCX-64, SDB-29

"Its an honor to play those fantastic instruments. They are the best "out of the box" harmonicas I have ever tried and when you customize them, they reach amazing levels.

Superb quality,great construction, wonderful crispy and clear sound. Very airthight, loud and low, long lasting and a clear will to always improve and develop the instrument that is my love,passion and fulltime work - The Harmonica -."

Award: Double world champion 1st place (jazz&blues) on harmonica,
at World Harmonica Championship Trossingen 2005, Germany.

(Short biography)

The international respected harmonica player Filip Jers (b. 1986) has been called ”Swedish Harmonica Sensation” by the music critics in Europe. He plays all sorts of harmonicas; from the sophisticated chromatic harmonica to the earthy bluesharp and the very rare and mysterious bass harmonica. He also performs on jawharp, guitar and accordion.

Filip loves to improvise and compose music and moves easily between jazz,blues, folk, world music, country, pop, rock, classical and film music.

He became double world champion on harmonica at the age of 18 at World Harmonica Festival 2005 in Trossingen, Germany. Since then he has worked as freelance musician, with studio sessionsand teaching harmonica. He tours a lot and has visited 17 countries to play music, for example: Sweden, Denmark,Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania,Croatia, Holland, Finland and Canada.

Filip Jers received his master degree in jazz from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 2011, being the first harmonica player ever to study there.