NEWS New updates from SUZUKI

SNB-48 SHINOBIX - Chromatic harmonica with silencer for practice use will be released in September.2019.

Practice with anxiety-free

Followed by SHINOBIX for diatonic harmonica(SNB-20) in 2018, SHINOBIX for chromatic harmonica will be debut in September.2019.

SHINOBIX is the world’s first mass produced harmonica set with a silencer that we can practice without an anxiety, such as afraid of sound to family and neighborhood.

Shinobix (from Shinobu, meaning 'Stealth') is designed to lower the volume of your chromatic harmonica without affecting playablilty. This unique accessory is composed of a cover plate set which replaces your normal plates(SCX-48, S-48,G-48/G-48W) directing the tone into Suzuki's custom made Silencer. The silencer utilizes individual spiral structures for each of the 12 reed chambers; effectively reducing the sound level by around 15-20db.

For more information please check SNB-48 page.