S-22C Single Harmonica


Ease and Safe Harmonica for Education

This is a Harmonica for education which is consisted by 22notes with normal array having scales arranged in order. The design that is easy to be seen visually. With accurate pitch and easy to play even with the breath of Children, and the design is difficult to be injured. A lot of ingenuity and know-how of educational instruments are packed as an entrance of music.

1. Description of Do, Re, Mi to find out the holes to blow and breathe easily

Notes to blow is described in the back, notes to breath is described in front. It is visually and sensuously found out how to make sound.

2. With case to protect Harmonica

To be supplied with light weight and easy to carry case which is easy to house harmonica.

3. High credibility made in Japan.

High processing accuracy is necessary to sufficiently play sound with a small breath. In addition, it is designed the metal cross-section does not touch mouth, so that it can be used at ease.


Range 22-holes 22Notes c1~c4
Material Stainless Cover PP Body
Measure 188×40×24mm
Weight 80g
Accessory Blow Case, Tie


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