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With the world brand “Hammond”.

This is a model that bears the organ “Hammond” from other name of harmonica “Mouth Organ”.

While featuring the thick sound produced by brass cover, the matte looks are realized by the black coat finish.

The body is made of aluminum and the features a distinctive tone with a core.

Because of its high rigidity, the blown breath reaches reeds without loss, and it responds sensitively to the strength of the breath.
Recommended for those who want to play melodiously.
This model is with many loyal users from professional musicians.

The condition is a lineup of 14 major conditions.
Choose the tone depending on the song you play and your playing style.

The lead plate is fixed to the body with screws, so the lead plate can be replaced repeatedly.
High maintainability with origami!

It will be an important one that can be used by players for a long time

Please listen to the sound of HA-20.


Range 10-holes 20notes
Material Brass + Black coating cover
Aluminium + black coating body
Key Major 14keys
Dimension 100x27x20mm
Weight 90g
Accesory ABS case


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Notation chart

Notation chart