SU-13M 13-hole Tremolo Harmonica Humming Mate

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13-hole tremolo harmonica

This is a 13-hole tremolo harmonica that combines reasonable price and portability by reducing tones that are used frequently in the performance.

Little buddy, Hamming mate

Hamming mate wishes you to be a companion to enjoy music.
Well, why don’t you start music with this little buddy?
It will be sure that more and more fun day is waiting.

Suzuki’s first 13-hole tremolo harmonica is born

By reducing down the tones that are used frequently in performance, a 13-hole tremolo harmonica is born, which is realized reasonable price and a sense of size that can be carries anywhere. Compared to the most popular 21-hole tremolo harmonica, though music range is less by 8-hole, there are many songs that can be played in 13-hole. It will be cute, but reliable and it will be a companion for music.

Performance by SU-13M

Japanese traditional song "Furusato" with SU-13M in C key.

Happy Birthday to You with SU-13M in C key.

Japanese traditional song "Moon over the castle" with SU-13M in Am key.

Japanese traditional song "Yoimachi-Gusa" with SU-13M in C & Am.

Video by Filip Jers

The tone of popular model “Humming” is made easier to play.

Hamming Mate is a model that reduced down the tones while following the feature of Suzuki 21-hole long selling model tremolo harmonica “Humming”, so the beauty and goodness of sound are guaranteed. Because all the parts are machined precisely, so that it is airtightness and there is no air leakage. Therefore it sounds well with a light breath and we do not get short of breath while performance. While the price is reasonable, the quality is real one. For more details of tone range, see specifications.

The note “do(C)” is not missed by position mark.

The white part of mouthpiece indicates the tone “do(C)”. Until getting used to harmonica, it is likely to miss where the sound of star is. In such a case the position mark will be a indication to find the notes. There is no stress to start performance smoothly, so the performance will become more and more fun.

Playful mind on design

The cover is imprinted with a check pattern, making it fun and bright image. And the shape of opening on the back of cover is a motif of Mt.Fuji which can be seen in a wave, and it will be felt made in Japan. It aimed for a design that we can feel pleasure and joy for the users.


Range 13-hole
Material Stainless cover, ABS body
Key C, Am key
Measure 110×28×21mm
Weight 68g
Remark With Position mark


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