SU-21W 21-hole Tremolo Harmonica Suzuki high-class humming

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Sound from resin body containing natural wood fiber

The body of SU-21W adopts new material containing natural wood fiber. It is a new tremolo harmonica which overcomes the weak point of easy to deform while keeping the sound quality.

Hybrid tremolo harmonica made by resin and natural wood fiber

Adopted a new material "resin body containing natural wood fiber" that the sound of wooden body is reproduced by resin body.

In the body of SU-21W, "resin with natural wood fiber" which has been highly popular by Suzuki 10-holes MANJI is adapted.

There are several types of material for harmonica body such as wood and resin, and each of which have merits. Because the wooden body absorbs harmonic overtones in high-tones and restrains it, so that it sounds "comfortable, round and soft tone". On the other hand, the merit of the resin body is high manufacturing precision, airtightness, difficulty of breath leakage, and easy to disassemble due to screw fastening. And wooden body using natural wood has disadvantage that it is easy to deform with moisture such as saliva, but this point can be solved by resin body.

The resin body containing natural wood fiber adopted by SU-21W is a hybrid body that has the merit of both wood and resin. It is the birth of a harmonica that many performers wait for, such as a resin body that is difficult to deform while holding the tone of a comfortable wooden harmonica.

Amazing Grace by SU-21W.

Luxurious feeling

Beautiful finished that you want to get it every day. A sense of fine playability that makes you want to play a lot. Abundant expressive power that you want someone to hear.

Suzuki luxury humming "SU-21W" is full of stimulation that you "want to play"! !

New material resin body playing a comfortable sound of wood harmonica

The body of SU-21W adopted the "resin body containing natural wood fiber" which is highly popular for Suzuki 10-hole Manji. More than half of this ingredient is made of wood (wood fiber). Therefore, while being a resin made harmonica, the sound of traditional wood harmonica can be heard. Of course, because it is a resin body, there is no problem of deformation due to moisture which is often found in wooden body. You can enjoy playing as much as you want.

What is resin containing natural wood fiber?

Wood material that produce warm tones have countless small spaces that absorb water and nutrients while growing up. This structure is the source of tones made by wooden body. The body of SU-21W made by resin containing natural wood fiber also has a similar structure reproduced inside. For that reason, while it is resin, it is possible to reproduce the sound like a wooden body.

The body made of resin with natural wood fiber has a characteristic of the unique pattern emerged on the surface because the material itself reproduces the structure of the wood.

New design cover to bring out a sense of playing.

The body which adopted the new material resin reproduces the tones of wooden harmonica, and the internal shape also incorporates the technology of the wooden body in order to obtain more response than before. In accordance with the characteristics of this body, the cover shape is newly renewed. The distinctive appearance of the rear hall brings out the characteristics of the body, so that it gets closer to the timbre of wooden body and realizes a comfortable playability during performance.

Stick to the looks

In cover design, we adopted one of Japanese traditional patterns.
The attention to the quality of Made in Japan is also included in the appearance.

Expressive reedplate

The key point of harmonica is reed. The reed of Suzuki Harmonica made by craftsmen who had been supporting the history for about 60 years responds to the expressions of delicate nuances contained in the breath, giving a sense of pleasant feeling and a beautiful tremolo that does not make the performers stressed. Because the reedplate is hold by screws, maintenance such as replacement and cleaning can be done easily.

Position mark showing “do(C)”

The position mark "do(C)" is adapted which is well know in a series of Hamming. Concentrating on performance without losing position is possible even when playing complicated arrangement songs and fast passage.

What is the difference of resin body and wooden body?

Durable resin body

The merit of the resin body is especially easy to handle. Unlike wood, it does not be deformed due to moisture (e.g.saliva), it is easy to play and airtightness between the body and reedplate is also kept, so that breath leakage can be suppressed. Generally the fewer the breath leakage, with less breath harmonica (reed) response, so that the sound response is well and easy to make music expression. Moreover, due to screw fastening it is easier to disassemble and high maintainability.

Comfortable tones by wooden body

In the tones of harmonica much harmonic tone(*) is included, and this forms a beautiful tone peculiar to harmonica. The more the harmonic tones are included, the brighter and spreading tones are made, but the more harmonic tones in high-tone, the sound may feel uncomfortable. Harmonica made by wooden body will be a comfortable "round and soft" tone as it has the effect of absorbing and suppressing harmonic in high-tone. Resin with natural wood fiber which is adopted for SU-21W also has the same effect as wooden body harmonica. Combined with a newly designed cover for exclusive use, it realizes comfortable "round and soft" tone.

* Harmonic is the other notes that are sounding at the same time when one basic note (e.g.Do,Re,Mi) is sounded. The impression of the sound changes with the content of sounded harmonics, which makes the sound feel beautiful or uncomfortable depending on it's bias and quantity.


Range 21-hole
Material Brass+Chrome plating cover,
Resin body with natural wood fiber.
Key Major 14keys・Minor 14keys・Natural minor 14keys
Measure 165×30×25mm
Weight 150g
Accessory ABS case
Remark With position mark


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