BCH-48 Full-scale chord harmonica with bass

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Ensemble by trio can be done by duet.

Since each chord has a bass sound, it is possible to express like playing a bass and a chord harmonica only with BCH-48, enabling an ensemble equal to trio by duet. Adopted a single reed for chord and a heavy double reed with different octave for the bass.

Major and seventh chords are assigned to the upper, minor and diminish/augment are assigned to the lower on hamonica. Total 48 chords can be played, such as 24 chords by blowing/breathing on the major, 24 chords by blowing/breathing on the minor.

This is the model suggesting new ensemble style

Full scale chord harmonica with bass “BCH-48” is a model that propose the form of new ensemble from now on. With BCH-48 you can accompany without a bass harmonica, and if adding a bass harmonica you will be able to play even thicker.

Full scale (There are all chords as chord harmonica. See below table for more details)

Easy to use due to no valves. Unlike SCH-48, there is no valve (air valve) by the structure that separates blow and breath. Therefore, there is no problem of sticking the valves due to condensation or saliva, by which it does not bother with valve noise.

Each chord has a bass. Two reeds for bass are attached to the left side of each chord. Although these two reeds are same tone, those are tuned differently by an octave and become an octave bass. In the case of the octave bass thickness and contour appeared in the sound and a powerful bass sound is obtained. Response of sound is better comparing with unison, and it will be difficult to clog the breath. In addition, you can create a different world which is different from trio accompaniment, such as sounding a sense of unity that can only be done by one person, sound bass and chord at the same time.

About mike. BCH-48 is designed to have same length as the SCH-48, and mike HMC-2 for SCH-48 can be used as it is.

>>Chord chart download

How to play

For example, when sounding chord "C", just blow only right side of upper row. Also, if you want to add the bass tone to an ensemble, blow the hole on the left side. By combining this, you can play accompaniment with bass by BCH-48.

If there is a person for bass part, you can play as a normal chord harmonica without using bass.

If you want to sound the chord in the lower row like "G7", you can sound it by breathing instead of blowing.


Material Steel・Nickel plating cover
ABS body
Chord 5 chord pattern(with Octave bass notes) 12keys
Measure 595×35×67mm
Weight 1,200g
Accessory Semi-hard case
Nylon shoulder case

Video and sounds

From Album "Notes From The Air" by Mr.Koei Tanaka.
Tomoya Ohuchi : BCH-48
Koei Tanaka:Fabulous F-64C

Following are performed by Maki Yamaguchi.

"I Have Lost the A in My Clarinet"

"I've been Working on the Railroad"

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