Harmonica Microphone HMH-200

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Dynamic Microphone

A dynamic microphone with optimal characteristics for harmonica, capable of reproducing natural tones with the finest nuances created by a harmonica. It has a volume control knob.
Note: A microphone cable sold separately(CI-5:XLR (female)-phone) is required to connect to the amplifier.

A dynamic microphone with optimal characteristics for harmonica

It is possible to pick up a wide range of sounds from the low to the high range, and reproduce detailed nuances naturally. You can also control the expression of the sound by adjusting the distance and angle from the instrument. Due to its unidirectionality, it has the advantage of being less prone to howling.

Possibile to adjust volume while performing

It comes with a volume knob, so it is very convenient when you want to change the volume between solo and backing during a band performance, or when you want to turn down the volume when switching instruments. Also, since the volume can be adjusted while the harmonica and the microphone are in a closer distance, the proximity effect* can also be utilized.

*A unidirectional dynamic microphone has the characteristic of raising the bass sound when it is brought closer to the sound source, and this is called the proximity effect.

Handling suitable for playing harmonica


The head part is a size that is easy to grip with the harmonica, and the overall length is as short as possible so that it can be easily held with one hand. In addition it is lighter by about 122g than a general dynamic microphone. With these features of the size and lightweight HMH-200 realizes a good handling suitable for harmonica playing.

Use with a microphone stand

In addition to holding the HMH-200 by hand, it can also be used by attaching it to a microphone stand using the clip-type microphone holder (sold separately).


Impedance 250Ω
Type Dynamic microphone
Directivity Unidirectivity
Frequenct characteristics 80 to 15,000 Hz
Sensitivity -52dB ± 3dB
(0dB = 1V / Pa, 1kHz)
Output terminal 3-pin XLR-M
Measurement Ø 48 x 122 mm
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 176g
Accessory Soft case
Control Volume
Remark An microphone cable sold separately(CI-5:XLR (female)-phone) is required to connect to the amplifier.


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HMH-200 Manual

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