MHK-5 5-hole Mini Harmonica Minore


5-holes 10notes mini harmonica

Though this is 5 holes 10 notes mini harmonica with key chain, it is a musical instrument that can play neatly even if it is small.

There are more than one octave range and you can enjoy many songs. Three colors of white, black and red are available.

Minore means "smaller” in Italian. Double meaning of small size and "Minoré" = "fruitful" in Japanese and hearing like Japanese as well. We wish that the "bud of music" of those who got this small harmonica will be grown up well.

Minore also supports original specifications such as souvenirs, novelties, shop original goods and so on.

With small harmonica, many songs can be played.

Though “minore” is small harmonica, it is a musica instrument that you can play neatly with good sound “C(Do), D(Re), E(Mi), F(Fa), G(So), A(Ra), B(Si), C(Do), D(Re), E(Mi)”. Many songs like “Moonriver”, ”Yesterday once more” can be played.



Range 5-hole 10notes c3-e4
Material Body/Cover : ABS
Measure 43x17x13mm
Weight 15g


Yesterday Once More by Minore

Edelweiss by Minore

Mt.Fuji by Minore

Album of memories by Minore

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