10HC-8 8pieces 10-hole harmonica case

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10-hole harmonica soft case

This is soft case which can store 8pieces of 10-hole harmonica. It is light weight, compact and portability is outstanding.

Since there are three hooks on the case, various ways of use are possible by changing the way of attaching strap.

Mobile on a shoulder

By attaching a hook as shown in the image, it can be hang on shoulder and carry it.

While performance(Image: Storing less than 4pieces)

Image: When storing 4 or less

When storing less than 4 pieces and using it, it can be used with compact by folding the case like image. Also, by folding hood cover behind, harmonicas can be changed smoothly.

While performance(Image: Storing more than 5pieces.)

Image: When storing 5 or more.

When storing more than 5pieces and using it, in a same way as less than 4pieces, harmonicas can be changed smoothly by folding hood cover behind.


Measure 150x45x142mm
Weight 206g


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