Andes 25F

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Worlds first 'recorder' keyboard.

This unique Suzuki Musical Instrument looks like a Melodion but sounds like a Flute...or rather 25 flutes! As the name suggests the resulting tone is reminiscent of the Andes Pipes. It is fully polyphonic and is easy to play chords with very little effort. Beautiful tonal variations are available when applying different breath control techniques.

What is the "Andes" Recorder-Keyboard ?

1. Keyboard instrument, but whistle sound. 

This is a keyboard that sounds just like a Recorder.

The "Andes" is a wind instrument like the Melodion, but creates a Recorder sound each time you press a key.

2. Chords come out

You can play chords!

It is not possible to play chords on a traditional Recorder, but you can play chords on the andes just as you would do on a standard keyboard.

3. Relaxed world

The andes 25F has a relaxing, soothing sound.

The unique tonal qualities of the andes can off­er a further dimension of sound exploration and wider playing experience.


Number of Key 25, f2 - f4
Material ABS cover, Aluminium key angle
Measurement 360mm (W) × 262mm (D) × 56mm(H)
Weight 1.0kgs(2.2lbs)
Accessories S shape mouthpiece (MP-151)
Flexible mouthpiece (MP-113)
Special Neck Strap.

Movie & Sound

When listening to Andes, we feel relaxed. But it is not easy than expected to play Andes. We challenge to play the instrument at the following songs.

Silent night

When The Saints Go Marching In  

Japanese nursery rhyme base on J'ai perdu le do 

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