Suzuki Melodions


Suzuki wide range of Melodions

No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques, such as keyboard skills, breath control, as well as solo/ ensemble performance capability in a truly portable instrument.

In Asia, the Melodion has become the primary instrument for music education, whilst in the West it has developed a new market with professional musicians and solo artists.

Whatever your musical tastes, a Suzuki Melodion offers an exciting addition to your instrument selection.

Using the navigation on this web page, select between the Melodion types. If you are a Solo performer we recommend Alto Melodions which cover the mid range with middle C located in the first Octave. Our amazing Bass Melodion is pitched in the two Octaves below middle C and is suitable not only for ensemble use, but a way to add a very cool and distinctive bass line to your performance.

The Andes stands out in its unique shape and sound. Unlike the traditional reed based Melodion the Andes employs pipes...25 of them to be exact.

The latest in our line takes the Melodion to a completely new level. The W37 made of renewable wood is a true musical instrument in every sense. Enjoy Jenny Russell's (The FB Pocket Orchestra) performance of Egyptian Fantasy:




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