Glockenspiel / Desk Xylophone


Glockenspiel - AG-13 / SG-13

SUZUKI glockenspiels add sparkle and excitement to every Orff concert. Each aluminum or steel bar is meticulously tuned for perfect pitch and harmonics. Each SUZUKI diatonic glockenspiel (AG-13 & SG-13) comes complete with inside note name labeling, bottom positioned pins, 1Bb and 2F# bars and 2 pairs of appropriate double headed mallets.


Glockenspiel - MSG-13

It is a glockenspiel that you can play with good sound while having a cute size that you can play with hand.

Furthermore, because the tonebar can be removed, leaving only necessary sound and you can use easily in making music and playing music.

Glockenspiel - MAG-13

This model is one octave lower than MSG-13. The compact size allows you to play on desk or on knees. Because tonebar can be removed, leaving only the necessary sound, you can easily use in making music and playing music.


Glockenspiel - AG-13

Range 16 Notes Alto Diatonic c2~a3 w/ f#2, b♭2 & f#3 16 Notes
Material Special aluminum alloy tonebars, Agathis + plywood body
Dimension 460x210x70 mm
Weight 1.2kg
Accessories Mallets

Glockenspiel - SG-13

Range 16 Notes Soprano Diatonic c3~a4 w/bb & f # 3, b♭3, f # 4
Material Special aluminum alloy sound board, Agathis + plywood body
Dimension 460x160x55mm
Weight 1kg
Accessories Mallets(SP-102)

Mini Glockenspiel - MSG-13

Range 16 Notes Soprano Diatonic c3 to a4 (C64~A85) w/ f#3, bb3, f#4
Material Steel tonebars, MDF- plywood body
Dimension 340 × 110 × 28 mm
Weight 615g
Accessories Mallet(SP-105W)

Mini Glockenspiel - MAG-13

Range 13 Notes Alto Diatonic c2~a3 (C52~A73) w/ f#2・bb2・f#3
Material Steel tonebars, MDF-plywood body
Dimension 340 × 150 × 40 mm
Weight 830g
Accessories Mallet(SP-105W)

Glockenspiel - SG-320ST

Range Chromatic 32 sounds f 2~ c 5(F57~C88)
Material Aluminum tonebars
Dimension 630 × 360 × 55 mm, Tripod stand About 630 ~ 910 mm
Weight Body 2.4 kg
Tripod stand 1.2 kg
Accessories Stand, Music Stand Table, Mallet (SP-139 W)
Remark The tonebars can not be removed.

Glokenspiel - DKP-200

Dimension Height: 495/590/670/750/795mm
Maximum width x Depth : 730 x 505mm
Weight 2.5kg
Model This stand can be used for SG-3200, SK-27K.


*Movie for MSG-13.

*Movie for MSG-13 and MAG-13.(English version)

*Movie for MSG-13 and MAG-13.(Spanish version)

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