Laptop Pongo - LTB-1M


Easy to enjoy playing Pongo

The Laptop Pongo is small, lightweight percussion instrument that can be worn around the waist with the supplied strap, played on a table or your lap. Clappers are attached to treble and bass end sallowing for additional percussive effects.

Stand, sit, put on the desk. You can play freely!

Wear the included strap on waist like belt, and you can play it in a stable state while standing, walking around and also putting on the knee. As it is compact, you can play even if you put it on the desk. Normal bongo sit and play between legs, or by attaching to a dedicated stand to play, but with Suzuki Pongo, children can play it easily and safely, and no preparation is needed, so it can be played anywhere.


Material Plywood
Dimension W:37.8(Body W:35cm) x D:15 x H: 15.3cm
Weight 1,120g
Accessories Strap(Length 98cm), Clapper treble, bass(attached on both sides)
Remark Pongo stand(SBS-100) can not be used.


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