Wonderful sound at reasonable cost

Popular type handbell using resonance fork. The unique hammer mechanism and the use of high-grade aluminum provide a wonderful sound that is soft and heartwarming. Simple and delicate tone chimes are widely used for performance lovers, school education, nursing homes, various circles, etc.


It is a set of 25 notes with 2 octaves at the center among 4 octaves of tonechime whole range. You can play many songs from the introduction of the tonechime to the beginner's class and the intermediate level.


In addition to the HB-250, it is a 12 tone set that extends the range up and down. Covering 3 octaves with HB-250 and HB-120A.

HB-120A is supplied with below Wheel case.


12 tone set that extends the range up and down in addition to HB-250 and HB-120A. Covering 4 octaves with HB-250, HB-120A and HB-120B.


7 tone set that extends the range to the bass side in addition to the HB-250, HB-120A, and HB-120B. It will be 4 and a half octaves with HB-250, HB-120A, HB-120B and HB-7C.


It is a 10 tone set of 8 base sounds and 2 chromatic sounds. It is most suitable to enjoy sound using tonechime.


16 tone set that is suitable for those who are thinking of simple performance by 1 octave with base sound.

ToneChimes Are Ringing Bells In Education!

Now, for the first time ever, all the beauty and inspiration of handbell playing, can be brought to your students and listening audiences through our uniquely designed Suzuki ToneChime Method Book Series. This step by step approach shows you exactly how it's done, even if you've never taught or played before.

ToneChimes Go Wherever You Do In Beautiful Protective Travel Cases!

As rugged as they are beautiful, each ToneChime set (Models HB-250, HB-120A) comes complete with its own heavy duty padded travel case with handle. Each ToneChime fits snugly into its own individual labeled foam cutout. For storage or travel, you can expect your ToneChimes to perform flawlessly year after year.

Start Off Small, Then Expand to 4 Full Octaves - A Suzuki Exclusive!

Suzuki ToneChime sets are designed for expandability. Begin with the HB-250, our 25 note, 2 octave set. As your experience level increases, our HB-120A expands your original set to 3 octaves. Finally, our exclusive 4th octave add-on set, HB-120B completes your ToneChime collection. No other company offers this kind of versatility !

Feature For Feature, Suzuki ToneChimes Are Your Best Choice.

We've taken a lot of time to develop innovative features to make your ToneChime experience rewarding and enjoyable. Our special lightweight aluminum alloy tubular bells have rounded tone chambers for easy handling. Striker mechanisms are adjustable for variable expression. And overtone tuning insures perfect harmonics.

Playing style

How to hold

Hold the bottom of tone plate firmly and hold it in front of chest. The bass tone chime is large, so it is a good idea to attach the other hand to the bottom of the chime.

How to swing

The arm swings forward widely to produce sound. It would be nice to play with the feeling that the sound will be echoed without any power.

How to stop sound

The sound stops when putting the tip of the chime on body or touching the hand. Laying a towel on the desk and stop the chime by hitting it on the towel is also good.


Range 2 Octave Chromatic Set 25 Notes g1~g3 / (Display tone name G4~G6)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Head: Rubber
Dimension 400 × 160 × 760 mm
Weight 11kg
Accessories Heavy Duty Travel Case (HBC-250), Hexagon stick spanner x 3, head felt x 5


Range 3rd Octave Add-on set 12 Notes c1~f#1•g#3~c4 / (Display tone name C4~F#4 •G#6~C7)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Head: Rubber
Dimension 400 × 170 × 590 mm
Weight 9.5kg
Accessories Heavy Duty Travel Case (HBC-250)

*Image is case for HB-250.


Range 4th Octave Add-on set 12 Notes g~b • c#4~g4 / (Display tone name G3~B3 • C#7~G7)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Head: Rubber
Dimension 700 × 120 × 350 mm
Weight 7.9kg
Accessories Case (HBC-120B)


Range 5th Lower Octave Add-on set c~f# / (Display tone name C3~F#3)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Head: Rubber
Dimension 985 × 125 × 510 mm
Weight 16.5kg
Accessories Case (HBC-7), Hexagon stick spanner x 3


Range 16 Notes Diatonic Set a1~f3(b♭1•F#2•b♭2) / (Display tone name A4~F6・A 4 # / B 4 ♭・F 5 # / G 5 ♭・A 5 # / B 5 ♭)
Material Aluminum alloy tube, Rubber head
Dimension 580 × 80 × 370 mm
Weight 5.3kg
Accessories Case (HBC-160), Hexagon stick spanner x 1


Range 10 Notes Diatonic Set c3~c4(f#3・b♭3) / (Display tone name C6~C7・F#6/G♭6・A#6・B♭6)
Material Body: Aluminum alloy
Head: Rubber
Dimension 340 × 80 × 280 mm
Weight 2.5kg
Accessories Case (HBC-100), Hexagon stick spanner x 1

Adjustable Music Table - MT-3

Dimension 860mm × 337mm w/out music rest(660x800x900mm)
Weight 6.5kg
Accessories End strip, Soft case (MT-C3)

Portable Music Stand - MS-400

Material Steel (Chrome plating finish)
Weight 940g
Accessories Portable bag

Portable Music Stand - MS-300B

Material Steel (Black baked paint finish)
Weight 880g
Accessories Portable bag


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