NAKAYOSHI Rhythm Stand Type - NYR-02v2

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Enjoy music anytime in school.

This product was born from the idea of wanting to feel more familiar with the musical instrument and want to provide an environment where children can enjoy music anytime. It can be installed in the classroom without taking up space, so children can always have an instrument.

Enjoy to learn music and to tidy after use.

Enjoy to use instruments and have fun to tidy after use !
A set of percussion instruments that can be enjoyed by a large number of children with rich instrument content!

The Nakayoshi Rhythm Series is a percussion instruments set that can be installed in the classroom without taking up space, born from our desire to provide an environment where children can enjoy music anytime and can feel closer to the instruments. A storage device that attracts children's interest brings the distance with the music much closer.

*Photos are NYR-02v2(left) and NYR-03(right).

Put correctly, put neatly, puzzle type storage

The stand has a hole in the shape of the instrument. A musical instrument is stored by putting the instrument of the same form with hole. It promotes awareness of tidying up in the sense of enjoying puzzles.

Slim stand with excellent storage capacity

Space-saving slim stand put against wall. We set up a shelf inside the stand and are excellent in storage capacity.

Is it a pattern? animal? Storage design that looks fun

An instrument layout that looks like a face and a pattern which inspires creativity. It looks friendly and is designed to make children feel more familiar with instruments. A variety of colorful instruments make the classroom more lively and fun.

Set contents


Material Body : Laminated wood
Set contents 6xCastanet(SC-100W), Claves(SRC-200M), Patterned Castanet(SC-101), Tambourine(STR-18G/STR-15G), Bird call, Metal cabaça(NINO701), Egg shaker(NINO SET 540), Giro(NINO555), Shaker cylindrical type(NINO01/02), Triangle(ST-10), Wood maraca(NINO8), Bell(SRB-30/40, BL-5B), Wood block(SW-113), Energy chime(NINO580), Finger symbal(SFC-40), Wood agogo(NINO561)
Dimension W:56 x D:38 x H:86.5cm
Weight 12.8kg(inc. instruments), 9.8kg for only stand.


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