Suzuki Bells

There are many kinds of bells in the worldwide market from the points of price and of usage.

In Suzuki line-up standard to unique bells are available to offer which have been developed throughout the experience of educational market.

Standard bells - SRB-40 / SRB-30

This is most standard bells used in educational front.

SRB-30 is covering high note and SRB-40 is covering middle notes.

Sleigh bell - BL-5B

The number of bells is five, but there is a solid sound volume.

Wrist bell - RB-4SB / RB-4LB

This is bell with hook and loop fastener used by wrapping around wrist or ankle.

If it is put on your wrist or ankle, it is easy to add a bell sound while playing other instruments.
Also this bell can be used by peaple with weak grip.

Because two types are avaialbe to offer from Suzuki, you can choose your favorite tone.

RB-4SB: with small stell bells.
RB-4LB: with large stell bells.

Circle bell - RB-11SB

Eleven small bells are attached to the belt of 200cm in length at regular intervals. Since it is lightweight and easily incorporated into various operations, it is widely used for enjoying sound in schools and music therapy. Everyone have a belt and play along with songs and rhythms, or connect with hook and loop fastener to make a big circle.



Bell SRB-30
Material Glip: ABS
Steel bell: small 10pieces
Dimension 110 x 50 x 90mm
Weight 53g
Remark High note, Glip in red

Bell SRB-40
Material Glip: ABS
Steel bell: large 10pieces
Dimension 110 x 55 x 90mm
Weight 60g
Remark Middle note, Glip in blue

Sleigh bell BL-5B
Material Wooden glip
Bell 5pieces
Dimention 170 x 100 x 30mm
Weight 156g

Wristle bell RB-4SB
Material Nylon belt in red
Steel Bell: small 4pieces
Dimention 29 x 3cm
Weight 60g
Remark with hook and loop fastener

Wristle bell RB-4LB
Material Nylon belt in blue
Steel bell: large 4pieces
Dimention 30 x 3cm
Weight 100g
Remark with hook and loop fastener

Circle RB-11S
Material Nylon belt in blue
Steel bell: small 11pieces
Dimention 200 x 3cm
Weight 170g
Remark with hook and loop fastener


Wrist bell "RB-4SB" / "RB-4LB"

Suzuki Circle Bell "RB-11SB"

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