OLM-1Y for Melodion bag

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Cute Melodion case for kids is made.

● Melodion can be stored with each case in bag.
※ It is limited to model with 32 keys or less.
● The fabric is also stacked inside the cloth case, making it durable by double tailoring.
● It is hygienic because it can be washed.
● With a convenient inside pocket for storing small items such as handkerchiefs and pass cases.
● Name tag is attached to the inside of the bag.
● The pattern is animal musical band playing variety of musical instruments.

"Olioli" is a word that means "fun" in Hawaiian.
We will deliver fun items that will make everyday life a little bit happy.



Material Outer polyester 85%, cotton 15%
Inner polyester 85%, cotton 15%
Inner cotton polyester 100%
Color Yellow
Measurement Body 220 x 460 x 80 mm
Inside pocket 190 x 320 mm
Holding height about 170mm
Weight 260g
Corresponding Melodion Melodion with 32Keys and less than 32keys are available for use.


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