MP-171 L shape joint mouthpiece


Less movement loss for performer

L-shaped joint with good handling. Because the hose is facing player, there is less movement loss and you can play immediately.

Characteristic of Suzuki melodion mouthpiece

1. All joints have the same shape, so all mouthpiece can be attached to all Suzuki melodions.
2. O-ring on joint prevents breath leakage and realize smooth passage.
3. In order to make the best use of the individual characteristics of Melodion, mouthpiece is designed and attached to each model as an accessory.
4. It can be used cleanly because it can be washed with water. (After washing, please dry well.)

(*Note: It may not be able to be stored in cases other than the models mouthpiece is supplied as accessory.)

Point of long flexible mouthpiece(MP-113,MP-171)

When not in use, insert mouthpiece into joint and it is hygienic not touching desk.

By placing finger on the diamond mark, it can be hold naturally.

Adopting pipe of "ring structure" so that moisture is hard to flow into the body.


Material ABS, EVA
Model supplied with PRO-44H/PRO-44HP/PRO-24B/PRO-27S/PRO-37V3
Correspondence model For all Suzuki Melodion


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