Outfit Violin 500-OF 4/4

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For those who want an advanced violin

"Outfit Violin 500-OF" comes with Violin 510 as an advanced model, Bow using Pernambuco wood which is considered as the best wood for the bow, Case VO-6 which is light and durable and Pirastro rosin.

Intermediate grade (510) 

(Be particular about the wood materials)
This grade of instrument features a deep and elegant sound. We carefully carve out the wood that has been well dried for over 10 years. We use the wood that can be used for higher grade models originally for this intermediate grade, so it features the high cost performance. You can also enjoy the beauty of the wood grain that is not commonly used for the beginners grade. In particular, the back is made of carefully selected maple material, and the gradation of the grain is very vivid.

Features of the content

Advanced Violin 510
Made by traditional craftsmanship with using European wood. Since the soundboard is made by careful hand-carving, it has rich sound and sufficient sound volume. You can also enjoy the beauty of grain.

Using Pernambuco wood which is considered as the best wood for the bow.

Case VO-7
VO-7 which is light and durable.

Pirastro Rosin
The pine resin made in Germany which makes a rich and rounded tone. Good balance between hard and soft,
for orchestra players.


Violin 510 Materials
Top Good quality Spruce
Back, Side, Neck Beautiful Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Pegs, Tailpiece, Chinrest Ebony
Bow Stick (Pernambuco) / Frog (Ebony) / Fitting (Nickel silver)
Case VO-7 Details
Shape Oblong type
Core Material Formed resin
Weight 2 Kgs.
Accessories Blanket, Belt
Pirastro rosin Pine resin made in Germany


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