Keyboard Style Percussion BARcussion Cymbal A KSP-1

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Keyboard Style Percussion "BARcussion"

Keyboard style percussion "BARcussion" is a series of percussion instruments that make sounds just by pressing the keys with your fingers. Since it can be played with one finger, it is possible for one person to sound multiple BARcussions at the same time. As an instrument that can be easily enjoyed at the table, it can be used in a wide range of situations, from small acoustic bands, home studio use, music therapy to educational music scenes. 'Cymbal A' is the sound of a finger cymbal with a long, beautiful aftersound.

Can be played with ONE finger.

Percussion instruments are often played with both hands, but only fingers are used to play the BARcussion. When you press a key, the beater jumps up and hits the sound generator to produce a sound. You can express your performance by changing the strength and speed of pressing the key.

A person playing multiple percussion instruments at the same time

BARcussion allows one person to play multiple percussion instruments at the same time. There is no need to switch between different percussion instruments during a song, or to have players for each percussion instrument.

Enjoy anywhere

Even if you have a full set, it will fit in a space of about A4 size. You can easily carry it around and enjoy playing anywhere.

Fashionable package

It comes in a stylish package. It is also recommended as a gift. It is possible to hang and display at the store.


Material Sound generator: Brass + Chrome plated
Key base Unit: ABS
Measurement 53x244x66mm
Weight 98g


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