HMH-100 Harmonica microphone set

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Michrophone set for Harmonica.

Microphone characteristics and sound quality that respond to the player’s obsessiveness reproduced the expressive harmonica sound without losing.

* Connecting to amplifier, an optional microphone cable CI - 5 (XLR female phone) is needed.

Sound picking method which can be chosen according to harmonica, style and environment

The HMH - 100 adopts a condenser microphone that has characteristics suitable for collecting the sound of harmonica.

Delicate tremolo sound of the tremolo harmonica, the nuance of colory sound of the chromatic harmonica, and the dynamic expression of 10-hole harmonica can be reproduced. These can be reproduced more appropriately by using the attached holder separately.

▼ Example of combination of harmonica and holder
※ Since this is a reference example, it can be used freely according to the performance environment.
Holder Type Recommended Harmonica Types Features
Tremolo  Chromatic 10-Hole   Volume Quality
1. Eye ball type holder  Deep
2. Finger belt + tie pin type holder Natural
3. Tie pin type holder Natural

Eye ball type holder - holding a microphone in hand

Compared to the type of microphone (hand microphone) that is had normally in hand, this "Eye ball type holder" is excellent in fit. By using this holder, bringing the microphone closer to the harmonica is possible. It is possible to gather sounds intensively in a focused tones stably, so large volume and deep sound can be obtained. It can be said that it is a sound quality suitable for a performance with a sense of driving.

The ball part of eye ball type holder can be moved. It is possible to move the direction of the microphone finely and it is easy to adjust to a direction that can obtain a high sound collecting effect.

By using the finger belt, the holding force of the eye ball type holder improves.

Finger belt + tie pin type holder - Holding a microphone on finger and playing

Compared to eye ball type holder, more natural and flat harmonica sound is reproduced. It is also suitable for performance styles that incorporate hand expression methods such as hand cover and hand wow style.

Tie pin type holder - Both hands concentrate on harmonica

It is a useful method when using both hands freely. Among the three types of usage, the most natural sound quality can be obtained.

* Since the volume becomes smaller as the microphone moves away from harmonica, we recommend to install the tie pin type holder as close to the instrument as possible.

Operates with batteries or phantom power

Even when there is no phantom power in the audio equipment, it operates with one dry battery (AA optional).
Regardless of the performance environment, powerful performance is possible.

Power supply module with belt clip

Using the belt clip on the back of the power supply module, it can be attached to the belt of clothing. Easy to install and remove, it is easy to prepare and use cables.

With windshield to reduce wind noise

By using the windshield, wind noise during performance can be reduced. In addition, noise reduction effect can be obtained by operating the "low cut" filter of the power supply module.

※ Wind noise: Noise of wind. Noises generated by breathing and wind hitting the sound collector of the microphone.


Power Dry battery (Size: AA)×1 or Phantom DC9-52V
Impedance 250Ω
Type Back Electret・Condenser type microphone
Directional pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency characteristic 50~18,000Hz
Sensitivity -49dB±3dB(Battery) -47dB±3dB(Phantom)(0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
Battery life Approx.1,000 hours
Cable length 1.5m
Output terminal XLR (Power source module)
Measure φ5×8.4mm(microphone unit),76×64×29mm(Power supply module)
Weight 14g(microphone unit), 150g(Power supply module ※without battery)
Remark ※Optional microphone cable is needed(CI-5:XLR(female) phone) to connect to amplifier.


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