MIC-30 Harmonica Cleaning Cloth


Cleaner for your loved harmonica

This is a high-tech cleaner cloth adopting ultrafine fiber "MICRODEAR FSY®" made by Unitika Ltd. Wipe off fingerprints, oil dirt, fine dust on harmonica without missing.

※ Image: Harmonica is sold separately.

Superfine fiber, high tech cleaner Suzuki harmonica cleaning cloth

High-tech cleaner cloth adopting ultrafine fiber "MICRODEAR FSY®" manufactured by Unitika Ltd.
Wipe off fingerprints, greasy dirt and fine dust on your loved harmonica without missing.

Small dirt is an enemy to harmonica with precise structure. Since adopting ultrafine fiber and the cut surface is sewn, so it can be used with confidence without worry of fiber fuzz and lint.
· Adopted a special five layer structure for cloth, the feeling is thick and moist and gentle touch. It is also excellent in water-absorbing and comfortable to wipe.
· High durability, performance and type collapse will not occur even by repeated washing.
※ Laundry is possible with lukewarm water, neutral detergent.


Microdear · FSY® is a 100% polyester microfiber fabric developed by Unitika Ltd. 230,000 wedge-shaped ultrafine fibers per 1 square centimeter is covered, and it is formed by complicated irregularities, it catch fine dust and oily stains that are difficult to fall off.

Because it adopts a special five-layer structure in the cloth, there is moderate volume feeling, and performance does not change even when repeatedly washing. Superior water absorption, always wipe feeling is outstanding. Also because brushed processing is done on the front and back of the cloth, it does not scratch harmonica. Both side is possible for use.


Material Polyester 100%
Measure 30×30cm
Remark Washing is possible with little warm water and neutral detergent.
Made in Japan


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