F-20J Fabulous Just tuning

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F-20J Fabulous Just tuning model

Because the rigidity and weight of the brass body transmits vibration of reed extraordinarily, it creates clear and weighty sounds.

With powerful and dynamics wide reed, it can be realized to get a persistent response without blowing away in the place where players want to have a great deal of excitement.

Fun to choose, equal and just tuning

Fabulous 10holes is available to offer a general equal temperament model “F-20E” and a traditional pure temperament model “F-20J”.

F-20E: Since it is tuned by equal temperament, it can be used in any position playing style, and now it is a general tuning. All Suzuki 10 Holes except F-20J are equal temperament.
F-20J: The harmonica's feature lies in being able to play with chords. And this chord will be a beautiful sounding without turbidity by tuning to pure temperament. In the passed pure temperament was used for 10 holes, and even today the traditional blues players often use pure temperament model.

e.g: Second position of F-20J C key is used for G-tuned music, it is tuned to G tone of pure temperament.

Fabulous 10 holes demo
Song: Sepia
by Koei Tanaka(harmonica) and Shigeru Sawamura(Piano)

Song: Slow
by Maki Yamaguchi(harmonica, guitar)


Range 10-hole 20notes
Material Brass + Silver plating cover
Brass + Silver plating body
Key G・A・Bb・C・D・E・F
Dimension 100x27x20mm
Weight 157g
Accesory ABS case
Remark Just tuning


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Harmonica catalog

Fabulous catalog (The 10-hole "Fire Breath" shown in the catalog was discontinued.)

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