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Practice with anxiety-free

SNB-48 will be released in September.2019.

SHINOBIX is the world’s first mass produced chromatic harmonica set with a silencer that we can practice without an anxiety, such as afraid of sound to family and neighborhood.

Shinobix (from Shinobu, meaning 'Stealth') is designed to lower the volume of your chromatic harmonica without affecting playablilty. This unique accessory is composed of a cover plate set which replaces your normal plates(SCX-48, S-48,G-48/G-48W) directing the tone into Suzuki's custom made Silencer. The silencer utilizes individual spiral structures for each of the 12 reed chambers; effectively reducing the sound level by around 15-20db.

Shibox for diatonic harmonica is also available. Click here.

Package Set with two options

1. Full Set SNB-48

This is recommended for beginners.
A full set that it can be used immediately after purchase.
*Set contents: Silencer / Harmonica / Semi-hard case

2. User’s Set / SNB-48CVS

This is user’s(replacement) set not including harmonica body.
*Set contents: Silencer / Upper and lower harmonica cover / Cover screw x2 / Semi-hard case>

Available to choose only harmonica cover set.

3. Harmonica cover set / SNB-48CV

*Set contents: Upper and lower harmonica cover / Cover screw x2.

Combines silencing effect, maintainability, and playability in one.

SHINOBIX is consisted of two parts(harmonica and a silencer) and is easy to be attached and detached. The cylindrical shape silencer has a helical structure inside and exert high silencing performance despite its small size. The easy-to-play cover shape allows you to enjoy practice without loosing the harmonica's playability.

Silencing effect

SHINOBIX exerts a greater effect when playing with strong breath, reducing the sound pressure from 80- 90dB in normal to 60 to 70dB. It can be cut around 15-20dB on average by each sound.
※This is reduced to about 20% of the sound pressure compared to the case the sound pressure of a general 10-hole and Chromatic harmonica is 100%.

Secret of silencer -10 individual inner rooms where sound is pushed into.

The conventional harmonica is connected as one big space inside. Therefore, when blocking the sound outlet such as the cover to get a silencing effect, the air flow back to the hole that is not played and the sound may leak or a different sound may be produced. SHINOBIX silencer is divided into rooms corresponding to each holes to solve it. The sound is confined to each room, and the silencing effect is exerted by pushing sound into a spiral structure. Also considering maintenance, since disassemble and cleaning is possible, it can be kept clean for use.


Replacement of harmonica body

SHINOBIX can also be used by replacing harmonica body of Suzuki chromatic harmonicas (except some models) . Therefore, it can be used by replacing the body of your favorite model.

*Harmonica body is not sold individually.
*The harmonica body supplied with SNB-48 (Full set) is the same model as SCX-48.
*Image is the model for diatonic.

The models that can be used for SNB-48 are;
S-48S / G-48 / G-48W / SCX-48

Enjoy practice connecting to microphone

This product can be equipped with the harmonica microphone(HMH-100) which is sold separately*. Collecting sound in the microphone can be monitored by headphones, and also it can be enjoyed with effects such as reverb.

※ Using only harmonica microphone can not be worked. Connection cable, headphone and amplifier(effector) are needed.
※ There are two parts where microphone is mounted and use one of those. On the left side, the bass is picked up, and on the right, high sound is picked up more.
※ The image is for diatonic harmonica.

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An example for connecting of a microphone.


Range 12-hole 48notes, c1-d4, Slide type chromatic
Material ABS : Cover, Silencer, Body
Slide action Long stroke(Cross alignment)
Dimension 158 x 80 x 42mm
Weight 270g
Accessories Semi hard case

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