F-48SQ Chromatic 12-hole Fabulous

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Top on top Chromatic Harmonica

Fabulous series" was born calling for a sense of extreme performance. The precisely machined brass body is highly airtight, achieving high response.

Moreover, due to its rigidity, it can express the original sound of the reed without leaving. Besides, by applying silver plating, it finished to the sound quality with smoothness and roundness.

This model is 12-hole, 48notes, the slide action is a short stroke, and mouthpiece is a square shape model.

The square type mouthpiece model “F-48SQ” is born

It is a model that player's breath is more likely to be transmitted to the reed by making the mouthpiece wider from a round shape to a square shape and flattening the contact surface to the lip on the mouthpiece and thinning it. Response and dynamics have further improved, enabling classical players to express their expressions from early passage to expressive rich tone.

※ If more rounded tone is preferred, F-48S and F-48C are recommended.

Response that brass body made possible

Precisely machined brass body is highly airtight, and it can express original sound of reed thoroughly due to its high rigidity. The sound quality is smooth and round by adding silver plating.

Keystone for balanced sound quality - special reed

The reed pursued compatibility with the brass body thoroughly from the aspect of "volume", "sound quality", "functionality", and reeds are designed all for Fabulous. By optimizing the length and the shape of reeds for each note, the volume and playability are balanced sound quality. Also using a thicker plate to make the brass body sound effectively. Firm and deep sound are realized.

Smooth mouthpiece and slide developed and created thoroughly

The inner surface of the mouthpiece is processed to a special shape so that breath can flow smoothly. Also coating with gold plating on the surface, smooth feeling on mouth is realized. The slide ensured a very smooth feeling and high airtightness by precise machining.

Distinguished cover design generated from function

The distinguished cover is a unique shape of Suzuki designed to fit the hand so as to firmly support the weighty model. At the same time, this shape also plays an important role of making the sound roundness. It is finished with an elegant shine of silver plating.

Being particular about slide action - short stroke and long stroke

To respond to the feelings of players who wish to challenge more advanced songs, two kinds of slide actions are being in a line-up. Long stroke for 16-hole model, long and short stroke for 12-hole model are adopted.

Long stroke – as the distance of slide movement is long, holes are large which make it possible to send much breath. As a result, the response of sound, sound dropout are good and the bass part can obtain particularly powerful sound. It will be used much for pops and jazz music.

Short stroke – as the distance of slide movement is short and changing notes quickly when pressing slide, it is advantageous for fine sound use. Also since the entrance of holes are smaller than long stroke, there is moderate resistance, which make it easy to control the sound. It will be suitable for playing jazz and classical music.

The width of the choices for players depending on the music which players want to play and the performance characteristics are commitment to Fabulous.

Round and square shape mouthpiece

The standard round shape mouthpiece model is a smooth and round sound. The contact surface to the lips is flat and thin on square shape mouthpiece model and makes it easier for breath to be transmitted to the reed. From early passages to expressive rich long tone, square shape model is recommended to those who are looking for a keen expression.

【Round shape】                                           

【Square shape】


Range 12-hole 48notes c1~d4 Slide type chromatic
Material Brass + silver plating cover
Brass + silver plating body
Brass+gold plating mouthpiece
Slide action Short stroke (straight alignment)
Dimension 160×45×31mm
Weight 655g
Accessory Cow leather case


Gregoire Maret

I truly love the new model ‘Fabulous 48’ designed by Suzuki. It’s a masterpiece.

He was a member of Pat Metheny Group, Marcus Miller Band and performing with many other big artists, and is one of the most noteworthy chromatic players in the world. Performance by outstanding technique attracts all listeners.

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