PRO-27S - Hammond Soprano Melodion

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27keys Treble range model.

This is a soprano range model of keyboard harmonica series with a built-in pickup microphone. The biggest feature of the PRO-27S is that it covers a treble range not found in previous keyboard harmonica. Not only the width of music is further expanded, it is very effective to play the phrase that wanted to be highlighten by PRO-27S.

Covering to new tone range.

Equipped with a tone range that is seven tones higher than Melodion 32-key model S-32C, which also plays the soprano tone range. It covers up to a new treble range not covered by keyboard harmonica until now. With the addition of PRO-27S, three lines of soprano, alto, and bass are available enabling ensembles by Hammond Melodion series which are electric acoustic models.

Sound to produce gorgeousness.

The tone of PRO-27S follows the clear tone of Melodion Soprano model. It is possible to play with clarity that can not be buried in other instruments. This tone can be used effectively when used as a decorative sound in a song and playing a phrase which is wanted to stand out.


Keyboard Soprano 27keys f2-g4
Material Cover : Alminium
Reed : Phosphor Bronze
Microphone Built-in Small Dynamic microphone
Controller  Volume
Jacks Output Jack (1/4" Phone Jack, microphone level)
Measure Body : 380 x 100 x 55mm
Case : 410 x 145 x 85mm
Weight Body : 590g
Case : 230g
Accessory Special Short Mouthpiece (MP-141)
L-Shaped Joint Long Mouthpiece (MP-171)
Care cloth
Nylon Soft Case w/z Shoulder Strap (MP-2005)


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