Pro-37v3 - Alto Melodion

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Evolving personality, inherited sounds

About 20 years passed since the birth of the original PRO-37.

As a precursor to the keyboard harmonica pro. model, Pro-37 v2 having immobile popularity is renewed responding to diversifying performance scenes while keeping the sound.

Pro-37 demo
"Odeon" from colo/Escaleta e Violao

Adapting taper reed

Starting to play PRO-37v3 for the first time, it will be realized how quick response it is and goodness of the sound. The secret of it is a taper reed. Because this reed responde to the strength of breath sensitivity, so that it can be responded  instantly to advanced techniques such as tremolo, vibrato and flutter. In addition, because the pronunciation is so smooth, it can be played as players like from soft sound like woodwind instruments to powerful sounds like brass instruments.

Attaching pin for shoulder strap.

Responded to the voice of users wishing to use the shoulder strap as a support for playing by both hands. Enhancing performance, and it is useful  while playing with keyboard. Players will be more free and can focus deeply on performance.

How to take off the cap

The saliva removal of PRO-37v3 is a cap type. The cap is tightened by turning clockwise and loosened by turning counterclockwise. Tie is attached so as not to lose cap.

How to remove saliva.

After removing the cap, put a towel etc. on saliva spill, hold the keyboard harmonica vertically, breath from mouthpiece and remove saliva.


Keyboard Alto 37keys f-f3
Material Alminium cover
Phosphor Bronze taper reed
Measure Body:500 × 110 × 65 mm
Case: 510 × 140× 68 mm
Weight Body: 1,000g
Case: 400g
Accessory Special short mouthpiece (MP-141)
L-shaped joint long mouthpiece (MP-171)
Soft Case (MP-2007)
Remark with strap pin


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