PRO-44HP - Alto Hammond Melodion

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Electric Acoustic Keyboard Harmonica was born

PRO-44H is an Electric Acoustic keyboard harmonica with built-in pickup microphone that was born in collaboration with Hammond and Suzuki Melodion.

PRO-44H and PRO-44HP - two different sound characters

The newly designed reed for 44 keyboard has a stable pitch from the disappearing pianissimo to the aggressive fortissimo. At the other end of PRO-44H characterized by its fine timbre, PRO-44HP is a sound character with strength and melancholy. According to the style of player, it can be chosen.

Connecting to amplifier and effector

The clear reed sound with reduced keying sound is picked up evenly over the entire tone range, and a clear reed sound that can not be obtained with an external microphone is realized. Sound make-up is also at will by connecting to equalizer and effector. It can be clearly stated in an electric band with loud instruments.


Keyboard Alto 44keys c-g3
Material Cover : Steel + Chrome Plating
Reed : Phosphor Bronze
Microphone Built-in Small Dynamic microphone
Controller Volume
Jacks Output jack(1/4" phone jack, microphone level)
Measure Body : 563 x 106 x 52mm
Case : 600 x 145 x 85mm
Weight Body : 1,200g
Case : 320g
Accessory Special Short mouthpiece (MP-141)
Flexible mouthpiece (MP-161)
L-Shaped Joint Long mouthpiece (MP-171)
Care cloth
Nylon Soft Case w/z Shoulder Strap (MP-2003)
Remark with strap pin


Movie by keyboard harmonica player "Rotan(Risabravo)"

Profile - Rotan(Risabravo)

Rotan is taking part of keyboard harmonica in the trio "Risabravo" consisted by keyboard harmonica, bass + guitar and pandeiro. A rich ensemble played by simple and friendly instruments. Playing light rhythms and unique music with plenty of originality.

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