FA-32B / FA-32P

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Suzuki melodion with light semi hard case

This is Suzuki melodion that can be played with light air due to high air tightness. Available in two colors of blue(FA-32B) and pink (FA-32P). Easy to carry with a semi-hard case that is about 60% lighter than hard case.
In addition, a name tag with a reflective material is attached to ensure safety when going to and from school. 

Name tag that is easy to find when storing locker.

The feature of the semi-hard case used in the FA32B/P is its lightness.
Also with a large name tag next to the case, you can quickly find your melody when storing the locker. Furthermore the name tag is provided with a reflective coating to ensure safety when going to and from school.

No rattling sound

The case is designed to function as a music rest when opened, so it can be used conveniently when playing on table. Also, the semi-hard case does not make a rattling sound when placed on a desk, so it is a good point for children to concentrate on lesson.

Secret that good sound lasts.

There is a mechanism in keyboard harmonica in which small metal plates called "reed" vibrate and sound when breathing. The reeds vibrate by hundred of times a second and it burden reeds. Suzuki Melodion uses a strong and flexible reed made of phosphor bronze, so it is hard to break and lasts for a long time. In addition, durability has been improved by anti-rust coating.


Keyboard Alto 32keys
Range f - c3
Material Cover: ABS
Reed: Phosphor Bronze
Measure Body: 420×100×45mm
Case: 465×145×54mm
Weight Body: 565g
Case: 280g
Accessories Short mouthpiece (MP-121)
Flexible mouthpiece (MP-113)
Semi hard case blue(MP-5200B) for FA-32B
Semi hard case blue(MP-5200P) for FA-32P


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