PRO-24B - Hammond Bass Melodion

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Double pickup microphone that conveys reed vibration.

Equipped with pickup microphones on the high and low notes sides. By adjusting these two microphone balances, the outline of sound becomes clear and the sound with a sense of three-dimensional effect is played. Also the pick-up microphone amplifies the overtones, aftersound and even breathing whic can not be transmitted in acoustic melodion. You can enjoy the rich and unique musical expression of Bass reed.

Attaching trombone shaped mouthpiece

Attaching a trombone shaped mouthpiece, which realize to blow player’s breath more straight. It is possible to play at a loud volume that responds well with a shape that can hold the mouth larger and a shorter length than conventional mouthpiece.


Keyboard Bass 24keys F-e1 
Material Cover: Alminium
Reed: Phosphor Bronze
Microphone 2x Built-in Dynamic Lavaliers
Controller Volume and Balance
Jacks Output jack(1/4" phone jack)
Measure Body:330×130×72mm
Case: 350×160×95mm
Weight Body:890g
Accessary Trombone Mouthpiece (MP-191)
L-Shaped Joint Long Mouthpiece(MP-171)
Care Cloth
Nylon Soft Case w/z Shoulder Strap (MP-2004)


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